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The Jobs extension is now ready for testing

Another exciting day for the Listings project! The Jobs extension is now available for download and we’ve also opened up the GitHub repository. Feel free to start testing our first extension, which adds job board functionality to the Listings platform.

This extension contains a lot of the magic that made WP Job Manager such a good plugin. We’ve split everything up into a generic core and this now available Jobs extension. As we move closer towards the first stable 1.0.0 release, we’ll continue to improve¬†functionality and templates, to make them even more generic.

It’s not completely finished yet, but we didn’t want to make you wait any longer. We’ve received a ton of great feedback so far and a lot of great developers have already acknowledged that they like the way the¬†Listings platform is taking shape.

Testing and reporting issues

We are aware of a couple issues in the current stable version, which we’ll shortly. In case you find any more issues, feel free to report them to our issue tracker. Any feedback is greatly appreciated and helps us improve the plugins directly!

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