We have just tagged Listings 0.3.0 and Listings Jobs 0.2.1. Both releases are now available on WordPress.org for download, or through automatic updates.

In these updates, we’ve made sure that both plugins are compatible with the upcoming release of WordPress 4.6 as well.

Changes to Listings core

Unfortunately, we forgot to bump Listings core in our last compatibility release. This resulted in a fatal error when Listings Jobs was activated. Version 0.3.0 of Listings core tackles this issue by releasing the required refactoring.

In the near future, we’ll ensure that these errors will not take your entire site down. We are going to introduce a helper library that will make sure a compatible version of Listings core is actually running, before the extension kicks in (see related GitHub issue).

You can review all changes on GitHub.

Changes to Listings Jobs

The most important fix in this release is fixing the incorrect call of the metabox saving routine. This resulted in not saving any changes in the Job Data metabox.

You can review all changes on GitHub.

Thanks to everyone testing

We’ve got a lot of feedback already and are very thankful for everyone involved. 🙂