A while ago, we started the Listings platform to create an ecosystem of listings functionality. Most of the plugins available focused on a single niche, either job boards, classifieds, car management or real estate. The Listings ecosystem we are currently building is designed from the ground up to cover multiple use cases. Our extensions expand the core Listings plugin, to give it functionality for each niche.

Our core focus has been on the jobs niche from day one on. The Listings Jobs extension is available in the plugins repository and we are in contact with quite a few passionate developers who are building websites and products on top of it already.


In our initial announcement, we’ve covered why we forked WP Job Manager and how we’ve turned it into Listings. The lack of updates and support since the Automattic acquisition made the WP Job Manager a rather stale project.

Today, it was announced that Automattic has formed a new team to continue supporting and improving WP Job Manager. We’re really happy to see that such an amazing plugin gets the attention it deserves and that Mike Jolley’s hard work on it doesn’t go to waste.

This means that our Listings Jobs extension has a big competitor again. WP Job Manager has always been the biggest job board plugin on the market and its revival has been something we’ve seen coming for a long time.

All of this doesn’t mean anything will change for Listings though. We’re confident that our more universal and versatile approach has plenty advantages for a bunch of developers and users who are looking for something more generic than a niche specific plugin.

Let us know your ideas

In the past couple months, we’ve been in touch with so many people who are excited as we are to get working on projects in the Listings ecosystem. We’re always looking for more ideas though! We’ve got a Slack channel dedicated to all things Listings, which is invite only. Feel free to email us at support@wplistings.com to request an invite.

You can also tweet us @WPListings to give us feedback, we’re happy to discuss any ideas you might have or work on amazing projects together.