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Saying goodbye to Listings, until we meet again

This Monday, I’ve announced that I’m leaving The Look and Feel, which is the parent company of the Listings projects. What this means for Listings, is that I no longer will be leading the project.

I’m very glad that the rest of the team is in a good spot when it comes to planning the future of Listings. Me leaving this project, doesn’t mean that the project is coming to and end. Actually, I’m probably not even leaving the project at all. I’m just going to be an external contributor of the project. I still support the project and will continue to do so.

At this point, all that’s left for me is to thank everyone involved who have supported Listings since we’ve started this ride. Thanks for all the contributions, ideas, blog posts that have been written about Listings and everything else. Thank you, until we meet again.

The future of job board plugins for WordPress

A while ago, we started the Listings platform to create an ecosystem of listings functionality. Most of the plugins available focused on a single niche, either job boards, classifieds, car management or real estate. The Listings ecosystem we are currently building is designed from the ground up to cover multiple use cases. Our extensions expand the core Listings plugin, to give it functionality for each niche.

Our core focus has been on the jobs niche from day one on. The Listings Jobs extension is available in the plugins repository and we are in contact with quite a few passionate developers who are building websites and products on top of it already. Continue reading

Breaking backwards compatibility during beta phase

Before we reach the big 1.0 release of Listings core and our Jobs extension, we’re in a public beta phase. During this period of time, we’re actively developing on all parts of the code of our plugins. We might break backwards compatibility and probably will do so at least a couple times in the next few weeks. I’d like to take a moment and explain why we’re taking this approach and how you can benefit from it. Continue reading

Technical backstory behind Listings

Yesterday was a big day for us. The first public showing of our Listings plugin and the whole concept behind it. I’d like to take a moment to explain what our long term plans are with listings, when it comes to the way we’re building it.

There are numerous WordPress plugins available that do something related to showing and managing listings. There are job boards, classifieds, real estate listings and marketplace like functionality. All of these plugins have so much in common, so we started thinking about a generic listings plugin that could do everything related to listings, but not bother the user with millions of settings or confusing configuration. Continue reading

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